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how do i use Finite Element Method with z-transform

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peter am 20 Mär. 2024
Beantwortet: Neelanshu am 17 Apr. 2024
I need to use digits and vpa to solve z funtion Frequency responses of the magnitude for filters

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Neelanshu am 17 Apr. 2024
Hi peter,
From your question, I understand that you are looking to solve the given transfer function using the "vpa" function.
You can define z as a symbolic variable using "syms" function and then simplify the expression with the "simplify" function, as shown in the code snippet below:
syms z
H2 = vpa(0.216 + 0.0433*z^(-1) + 0.2201*z^(-2))/vpa(1+0.1075*z^(-1)+0.9796*z^(-2)) + ...
vpa(0.216 - 0.0433*z^(-1) + 0.2201*z^(-2))/vpa(1-0.1075*z^(-1)+0.9796*z^(-2)) + ...
vpa(0.216 + 0.0240*z^(-1) + 0.3036*z^(-2))/vpa(1+0.0865*z^(-1)+0.8929*z^(-2)) + ...
vpa(0.216 - 0.0240*z^(-1) + 0.3036*z^(-2))/vpa(1-0.0865*z^(-1)+0.8929*z^(-2));
HVpa = simplify(H2)
HVpa = 
You may refer to the following documentation to learn more about "syms" and "simplify" functions:
Hope this helps




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