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Reference to non-existent field 'folder'.

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MAT NIZAM UTI am 11 Mär. 2024
Beantwortet: Walter Roberson am 11 Mär. 2024
Hi I have this coding to extract data from multiple .nc file, however, during running the code there is an error
Here is the code:
clear all;
files = dir('*.nc');
outputDirectory = '2023_try'; %create your .asc folder eg: 202201
% Create the output directory if it doesn't exist
if ~exist(outputDirectory, 'dir')
for k = 1:length(files)
ncfile = fullfile(files(k).folder, files(k).name);
%SST = ncread(ncfile, 'SST');
%SSSanomaly = ncread(ncfile, 'SSS_anom');
%SSSuncorrected = ncread(ncfile, 'SSS_uncorr');
SSS = ncread(ncfile, 'SSS_corr');
Lat = ncread(ncfile, 'Latitude');
Lon = ncread(ncfile, 'Longitude');
Data = [Lat(:), Lon(:), SSS(:)] %SSSuncorrected(:), SSSanomaly(:), SST(:)];
id = Lat>=0 & Lat<=14 & Lon>=95 & Lon<=126;
Data1 = Data(id,:,:);
% Data1(isnan(Data1(:,3)),:) = [];
%Data1(isnan(Data1(:,4)),:) = [];
%Data1(isnan(Data1(:,5)),:) = [];
%Data1(isnan(Data1(:,6)),:) = [];
%id = (Lat >= 0 & Lat <= 14);
%Data1 = Data(id, :);
% Extract the filename without the extension
[~, baseFileName, ~] = fileparts(ncfile);
% Create the output .asc filename
outputFileName = fullfile(outputDirectory, [baseFileName '.asc']);
% Save the data as an ASCII file
save(outputFileName, 'Data1', '-ASCII');
Here is the error:
Reference to non-existent field 'folder'.
Error in SMOS_nc_extract_all (line 10)
ncfile = fullfile(files(k).folder, files(k).name);

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Jonas am 11 Mär. 2024
Bearbeitet: Jonas am 11 Mär. 2024
if there are no .nc files in the current directory, then
files = dir('*.nc');
will be empty, and as consequence
will be referring to an empty struct and the field
will not exist
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MAT NIZAM UTI am 11 Mär. 2024
In the current directory, there is .nc file.. but there is still same error..

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 11 Mär. 2024
In sufficiently old versions of MATLAB, there is no .folder field in the results of dir.
I think .folder was added roughly R2013b

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