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Enabling Simscape Multibody Link Plugin on Solidworks - Not Appearing in Add-In's on SW

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I am currently trying to enable the simscape multibody link plugin on solidworks, I have followed the following guides:
I don't get any errors when following the guides - it says "DllRegisterServer in C:\ProgramFiles\MATLAB\R2023a\bin\win64\cl_sldwrks2sm.dll succeeded." However, when I open SolidWorks and navigate to Tools->Add-Ins the multibody link plugin isn't there as shown in the image below.
I have MATLAB r2023a, Simscape Multibody v7.7, and SolidWorks 2022 Education Edition.
Any assistance with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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Divyanshu am 3 Apr. 2024
Hi Matthew,
The steps mentioned in the documentation generates the dll successfully without any errors. However as the plug-in doesn't appear in SolidWorks -> Tools -> Add-Ins it can be because of some compatibility issue or SolidWorks 2022 version not being supported yet.
You can try with older versions of SolidWorks like 2021 or earlier.


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