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Error Implementing parfor while creating satellite objects

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Jon am 1 Mär. 2024
Kommentiert: Jon am 6 Mär. 2024
I am having trouble parallelizing a working for loop that reads in TLE files to generate satellite objects via the Aerospace Toolbox.
StarlinkTLE=tleread('constellation.txt'); %pulls in TLEs from the attached "constellation.txt" file
load("FlightDataTimeTable.mat"); %pulls in a timetable with 10 sec increments and Lat/Long/Altitude of an aircraft
a=length(StarlinkTLE); %number of TLEs = number of Satellites...
[r,v]=propagateOrbit(datetime('now')+FlightDataTimeTable.Time,StarlinkTLE); %creates unique position and
% velocity for each satellite at each aircraft time increment, (I'm aware I'm not using v anyware later on yet)
mySatArr = cell(1,a); %placeholder cell structure to catch the satellites as they're made (included for parfor)
for ii=1:20 % 1:a satellites when parfor is working...
sat_pos=timetable(FlightDataTimeTable.Time,r(:,:,ii)'); %creates a position table to generate satellite object
mySatArr{ii}=satellite(sc,sat_pos,'Name',StarlinkTLE(ii).Name); %puts satellite object in mySatArr cell, and fixes name
% An unknown # of the TLEs intersect the earth, and this leaves those
% cells empty
The parfor variation below kicks out the below error.
"Error using StarlinkConstellation
Invalid default value for property 'ColorConverter' in class 'matlabshared.satellitescenario.ScenarioGraphic':
The specified superclass '' contains a parse error, cannot be found
on MATLAB's search path, or is shadowed by another file with the same name."
mySatArr = cell(1,a);
parfor ii=1:20 %only change to above code...
The for loop finds the GraphicsBaseFunctions just fine, which tells me the constructor isn't missing...
>> which -all is a built-in method % constructor
I'm blindly guessing this is related to a single class constructor being reserved by the first worker, which is why the second worker tries and fails to use the built-in method, thus throwing the error.
Any help/guidance/sagely-smack-in-the-back-of-the-head is welcome.
Thanks for reading!

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Edric Ellis
Edric Ellis am 4 Mär. 2024
I'm guessing you are trying to use this with a thread-based parallel pool. I had to add a line to your code to make it work, namely:
sc = satelliteScenario;
With this, I see that there is a problem when using a thread-base parallel pool, but that things work correctly if you use a process pool.
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Jon am 6 Mär. 2024
Thanks for the guidance! Didn't realize this was a thing, so I'll go dive into the parallel computing fundamentals to fix my knowledge gap....

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