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How to use GPU to speed up computation?

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MashalS am 19 Feb. 2024
Kommentiert: Jonas am 11 Mär. 2024
% Define the paths to the three video files
videoPaths = {
'F:\LIVE Video Quality Challenge (VQC) Database\LIVE Video Quality Challenge (VQC) Database\Video\A002.mp4',
'F:\LIVE Video Quality Challenge (VQC) Database\LIVE Video Quality Challenge (VQC) Database\Video\A003.mp4',
'F:\LIVE Video Quality Challenge (VQC) Database\LIVE Video Quality Challenge (VQC) Database\Video\A004.mp4'
% Define the folder to save the Excel files
outputFolder = 'F:\FEUsingFriquee_csvFiles\';
% Loop over the selected video files
for videoIdx = 1:numel(videoPaths)
% Open the current video file
videoObj = VideoReader(videoPaths{videoIdx});
numFrames = videoObj.NumFrames;
% Initialize variables to store features
allFriqueeFeats = [];
% Create a parallel pool with 6 workers
if isempty(gcp('nocreate'))
parfor frameIdx = 1:numFrames
% Read frame
frame = read(videoObj, frameIdx);
% Extract features for the current frame
friqueeFeats = extractFRIQUEEFeatures(frame);
% Check if the size of features matches the number of frames processed
if size(friqueeFeats.friqueeALL, 1) ~= 1
continue; % Skip frames with inconsistent feature sizes
% Store features for this frame
allFriqueeFeats = [allFriqueeFeats; friqueeFeats.friqueeALL];
% Organize features for output
videoFeatures.allFriqueeFeats = allFriqueeFeats;
% Define the filename for the current video
[~, videoName, ~] = fileparts(videoPaths{videoIdx});
filename = [videoName, '.xlsx'];
% Full file path for the current video
fullFilePath = fullfile(outputFolder, filename);
% Write the feature matrix to Excel file
writematrix(allFriqueeFeats, fullFilePath);
% Delete the parallel pool
catch ME
fprintf('Error processing video %d: %s\n', videoIdx, ME.message);
continue; % Continue with the next video file
I have to extract features for all frames of each video. the number of frames are 300 and features are 560. The time taken for each video is 8 hours or more and i have to extract feaatures of 500 videos. I have tried to create a pool and use parfor loop to utilize the GPU in order to reduce computation time. However, in task manager, GPU is not being utilized. I have NVIDIA GEFORCE 3050 RTX. How can i use GPU to reduce computation time ?
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MashalS am 26 Feb. 2024
Is it necessary to use inbuilt GPU compatible functions to utilize GPU? is there anyother way?
Jonas am 11 Mär. 2024
do i see that correctly that processing 1 frame only, needs 180s, meaning 3min?
starting with this profile, you may have a look into those function with a big dark band. if you need assistance, you may post those function and explain, what they should do, with is input / output etc.

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Catalytic am 26 Feb. 2024
Using the GPU in conjunction with parfor will not be productive unless you have a multi-GPU system and assign each parpool worker a different GPU. Otherwise, the workers will just compete for access to the same GPU bus.
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MashalS am 26 Feb. 2024
Bearbeitet: MashalS am 26 Feb. 2024
thankyou for answering. I have attached my device specs. If you can guide accordingly. Regards

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