How can I solve Inecuations

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Arturo am 19 Feb. 2024
Kommentiert: Arturo am 19 Feb. 2024
Hello, I am new in matlab, and I cant solve inecuations
First I set mi variable with Syms x
And next I put my Ecuation with
solve((3-3*x)/x<=0, 'returnconditions', true)
And the result is
Warning: Unable to find explicit solution. For options, see help.
> In sym/solve (line 317)
I cant fins a solution and I doesn't speak English very good so is complicated
Is for an exam and the teachers says that I need to use it
And I need to mada a graphic also in matlab

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VBBV am 19 Feb. 2024
syms x real
eqn = (3-3*x)/x <= 0
eqn = 
sol = solve(eqn,x)
sol = 


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