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FIELDTRIP Toolbox Corrupt - Macbook

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Sabrina am 18 Feb. 2024
Kommentiert: Sabrina am 12 Apr. 2024
I am trying to get EEGLAB up and running to start preprocessing my data. [I have a macbook air with an M2 chip for reference - as my collegues with windows laptops are not having the same issue]
I have downloaded matlab and eeglab but when I go to load my data I get an error that says the following:
"EEGLAB error in function ft_notification() at line 74: Unrecognised function or variable 'ft_version' . This is a problem with FIELDTRIP. The fieldtrip version you downloaded is corrupted. Please manually replace fieldtrip with an earlier version and/or email the fieldtrip developers so they can fix the issue"
The supposedly corrupt version is the one added within the 'manage extensions tab" within eeglab itself and therefore should be the most compatible version.
Even when I try to 'manually replace' fieldtrip with an older version as suggested, nothing seems to change. I can't tell whether the version is correctly being added or not.
Anyone had this issue before or knows what I need to do to fix it?

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Divyanshu am 26 Feb. 2024
Hi Sabrina,
A possible reason due to which you are not able to load the data can be incorrect or incomplete installation of FieldTrip Toolbox. The error message indicates that probably the issue is not on MATLAB side but with the version or installation.
You can refer the following documentation of 'Installation and Setting up the path' for FieldTrip toolbox:
Hope it helps!
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Sabrina am 12 Apr. 2024
Hi Divyanshu,
Thank you for the suggestion - I sat down with someone who looked into the installation and we unfortunately weren't able to fix it. We ran into an issue that appears to be associated with MacOS that prevents something from running a necessary check (as a security precaution).
Sabrina am 12 Apr. 2024
Are you working on a macbook or a windows PC? I had colleagues on Windows who initially had the issue but was able to fix it easily through the built in add-ons in Matlab. Unfortunately that same fix did not work for me. I also tried removing and reinstalling new versions of fieldtrip but unfortunately still had no luck.

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