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Matlab invocation from C# - how to pass in a function as a function argument to fminunc

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I am trying to use the Matlab optimization toolbox from C# and want to do all my coding within c# , using the Matlab Engine API.
I am trying this with the code from the example given in "Tutorial for Optimization Toolbox"
f = @(x,y) x.*exp(-x.^2-y.^2)+(x.^2+y.^2)/20;
fun = @(x) f(x(1),x(2));
options = optimoptions('fminunc','Algorithm','quasi-newton');
[x, fval, exitflag, output] = fminunc(fun,x0,options);
When I want to invoke the function fminunc - the first argument I need to pass in is a fuction name. I am facing two problems with this
1) How do I write the first line in C# code ? This anonymous function "f = @(x,y) x.*exp(-x.^2-y.^2)+(x.^2+y.^2)/20;"
2) How do I pass in "fun" as the first argument when invoking fminunc
using (dynamic matlab = MATLABEngine.StartMATLAB()){

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Divyanshu am 26 Feb. 2024
Bearbeitet: Divyanshu am 26 Feb. 2024
Hi Tanveer,
In order to use the MATLAB Optimization toolbox from C#, you are using MATLAB.Engine API to convert/use your C# code to execute the example given in 'Tutorial for Optimization Toolbox'.
In this workflow you are facing certain challenges, please refer the following pointers for possible workarounds:
  • If direct conversion of code given in example to C# is difficult, you can write the entire piece of code in a new normal MATLAB function.
  • Now you can simply call the newly created function from the C# code using MATLAB Engine API.
The above workaround no more requires conversion of anonymous function to C# and also now no need to pass 'fun' as argument, because the entire code is just inside another MATLAB function which is directly called from C# using Engine API.
You can refer the following documentation for more information on how to 'Execute MATLAB functions from .NET':
Hope it helps!


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