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Simscape Multibody unexpected Simulation Result

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EFTHYMIOS am 13 Feb. 2024
Beantwortet: Divyanshu am 28 Feb. 2024
This is a Pulley model. 2 cables attached to 2 steel pulleys. The input is 0.02Nm Torque. It supposed the D75 pulley to spin the D140 pullley, but instead the 2nd pulley spins around 1st pulley, as seen in the second screenshot. What am i missing? (2023a)
The big pulley spins around the small's pulleys center.

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Divyanshu am 28 Feb. 2024
When I analyzed the model, it seems to me the possible reason for such an unexpected behaviour is because of Incorrect use of 'Revolute Joints' which connects the 'Input Shaft' to 'Pulley 75mm' & 'Pulley 140mm'.
You can try to invert the frames of the Joint or maybe change the Joint Type with some other joints.
It is difficult to reproduce the problem with just the image of the model. It would be easier to track the issue if you can attach the model you are currently working with.

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