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How to disable Code generation in Simulink altogether?

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RAGHUVEER RAJESH am 12 Feb. 2024
Kommentiert: RAGHUVEER RAJESH am 15 Feb. 2024
I am injecting faults through Fault Models. Fault models dont support code generation. Therefore, I am getting an eeror while running the simulation.
=== Simulation (Elapsed: 14 sec) ===
Error:Unable to simulate, generate code, or perform Simulink Design Verifier Analysis for model 'ConfiguredVirtualVehicleModel'. Only normal mode simulation is supported for fault models, models that have fault simulation enabled, or conditionals mapped to Simulink signals.
How can I disable autocode generation and just keep simulation running in Simulink?
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Harald am 12 Feb. 2024
Hi Raghuveer,
any objections against switching to normal mode as the error suggests?
Best wishes,
RAGHUVEER RAJESH am 15 Feb. 2024
Switching back to Normal mode worked!! Thank you very much... Querry Solved!!.

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