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How can I debug a parallel script with spmd?

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Daniele Pinton
Daniele Pinton am 18 Jan. 2024
Beantwortet: Vinayak am 19 Jan. 2024
I'm using a script with parallel processing using spmd. But I'm unsure how to debug the code when it's running in parallel. Can I set breakpoints in parallel code? My tests, and an online research suggest it might not be possible. I am using Matlab R2023b. Any help?

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Edric Ellis
Edric Ellis am 19 Jan. 2024
Unfortunately you cannot set breakpoints in code running on workers. If the problem is related to the messages you are sending using spmdSend and receive, then you might be able to gain some insight by enabling message logging using mpiSettings, like this:
spmdCat(spmdIndex) % this will generate some logging messages

Vinayak am 19 Jan. 2024
Hello Daniel,
I understand that debugging a script employing spmd cannot be acheived simply by placing breakpoints. However, there is an option to incorporate conditionals using "spmdIndex." Breakpoints can be set at specific locations by using dbstop. fprintf can be used to add log statements conditionally as well.
Additionally as mentioned by Edric, if the issues is related to spmdSend, you can utilize mpiSettings to enable logging.
For further details, please refer to the following links,
I hope this helps!


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