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How to measure running time of a code using MATLAB

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Hi. I am new in using MATLAB. I have a thesis about code optimization along with my partner. It was recommended by our adviser to use the software in order t measure the running time of the code. The code is in Java Programming Language. Now, how can I measure the running time of the code using MATLAB?


Paulo Abelha
Paulo Abelha on 17 Sep 2016
I've coded a function that might help you:
Rehan Ashraf
Rehan Ashraf on 18 Oct 2017
hi; where you want to calculate the time of your code so first you placed tic and toc command in your script.e.g: start tic; code toc

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Accepted Answer

Lucas García
Lucas García on 8 Nov 2011


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wafa  derouaz
wafa derouaz on 29 Sep 2016
I'm trying to use tic & toc to measure signal compression & decompression times but the value provided by this function changes for the same program (every time i excute the program, the value changes). Please tell me what should i do.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 29 Sep 2016
Use timeit() if your MATLAB is new enough to support it. You can get it from the File Exchange if you have an older version.
Note: even timeit() will vary.
The time measurements you can get will always take into account actual time, which reflects other activity on your system together with factors such as garbage collection or memory allocation potentially taking different amounts of time. It is not possible to get some kind of pure "theoretical" time from MATLAB -- those kinds of measurements have not been meaningful for well over 15 years.
wafa  derouaz
wafa derouaz on 2 Oct 2016
Walter Roberson, Thank u so much. So helpful.

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Taha on 3 May 2016
beginn your script with tic and end it with toc. At the end the Elapsed time is showed in MATLAB in seconds.


Aaya Aboelfotoh
Aaya Aboelfotoh on 11 Jun 2019
Hi Taha,
Is there a way that the elapsed time can be stored as an output? Since I am recording the outputs from matlab to an excel file, i want it to also write the elapsed time as well (instead of manually reading the time and writing it down).

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