separate orange band and violet band from rgb image

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Ghg am 4 Nov. 2023
Kommentiert: Ghg am 5 Nov. 2023
in the context of serparate red , green and blue bands from RGB image
i need to method to separate orange band first and therefore separate violet band from RGB image

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 4 Nov. 2023
There are no "bands" of violet and orange in an RGB image, only a red band, a green band, and a blue band. In fact computers cannot even display violet. They can display purple, but not violet.
That said, you can extract orange and purple colors from your image. Simply use the Color Thresholder app on the Apps tab of the tool ribbon. Use HSV color space and then click the Export button to generate the function.
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DGM am 5 Nov. 2023
Bearbeitet: DGM am 5 Nov. 2023
What is your actual goal? I have to ask, because the example you're giving isn't what you say you want. If you isolate the components of a color image, the results aren't color images anymore.
That magenta-ish and yellowish image are just the original image multiplied by [254 0 254] and [254 254 0] -- or at least that's as close as I can back-estimate from a JPG.
If what you want is to do a multiply blend on the image like that, then it's still not really clear why you're asking how to do it, because you clearly have already done it.
Are you asking how to do it with [191 0 255] or some other color instead?
inpict = imread('990uu.png');
FG = [0.6 0.3 1]; % pick a unit-scale tuple
outpict = im2double(inpict).*permute(FG,[1 3 2]);
outpict = im2uint8(outpict);
Ghg am 5 Nov. 2023
thank so much dear DMG

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