How to introduce a body (json text) in webread function?

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Body_sea am 9 Okt. 2023
Beantwortet: Jeremy Hughes am 4 Jan. 2024
I am looking for reading data from a private server, for this i have a json text as :
text_json = [''...
' "fromDate": "2023-08-01",'...
' "toDate": "2023-08-02" '...
For information this information can be used in Postman application for manual data extraction.
options = weboptions('RequestMethod', 'POST', 'HeaderFields', headers);
And i need to applique to the webread function as :
data = webread(URL,text_json,options);
I am not sure about the good way for solve this issues.
Best Regards.

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Jeremy Hughes
Jeremy Hughes am 4 Jan. 2024
You can use WEBWRITE for POST requests:
opts = weboptions("ContentType","application/json")
webwrite(url,data,opts) % data is the content of the BODY, be sure to match the content type

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