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Finding angle Between the bending of finger

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jari jafri
jari jafri am 3 Okt. 2023
Kommentiert: jari jafri am 4 Okt. 2023
I am trying to find out the bending angle of this finger. I have used the following matlab code and deducted the markers on the finger. but i am unable to get the bending angle as i cant find the cordinates or centroid of these markers. I will be thankful if you can please resolve this issue.
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jari jafri
jari jafri am 3 Okt. 2023
Bearbeitet: jari jafri am 4 Okt. 2023
This is my code that i used
clear all;
img1 = imread ('Picture1.png');
% Convert RGB image to chosen color space
I = rgb2hsv(img1);
% Define thresholds for channel 1 based on histogram settings
channel1Min = 0.889;
channel1Max = 0.001;
% Define thresholds for channel 2 based on histogram settings
channel2Min = 0.000;
channel2Max = 1.000;
% Define thresholds for channel 3 based on histogram settings
channel3Min = 0.000;
channel3Max = 1.000;
% Create mask based on chosen histogram thresholds
sliderBW = ( (I(:,:,1) >= channel1Min) | (I(:,:,1) <= channel1Max) ) & ...
(I(:,:,2) >= channel2Min ) & (I(:,:,2) <= channel2Max) & ...
(I(:,:,3) >= channel3Min ) & (I(:,:,3) <= channel3Max);
diskElem = strel('sphere',3);
IBWopen=imopen(sliderBW, diskElem);
%imshow(IBWopen )
hbobanalysis= vision.BlobAnalysis('MinimumBlobArea',200,...
[objArea, objCentrroid, bboxout] = step(hbobanalysis,IBWopen);
Ishape=insertShape(img1, "rectangle",bboxout,'LineWidth',4);
imshow(Ishape )
jari jafri
jari jafri am 3 Okt. 2023
Dear @Matt J the code is able deduct the red marks, but im ubale to find out the cordinates and therefore i can't find the bending angle. Is there any way that i can dind the angle between the 2 marker (red)

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 3 Okt. 2023
Try bwskel. Be careful though because some algorithm that works fine for a computer graphics image may fail miserably for a real world image, like a photo of a real finger.
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jari jafri
jari jafri am 4 Okt. 2023
Thanks @Image Analyst, can you please write a code using this bwskel command. I am also trying. but still unable to measure the bending angle for the finger

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