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error setting gram()

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Gabriel Silva
Gabriel Silva am 3 Okt. 2023
Beantwortet: Jon am 3 Okt. 2023
I'm trying to use gram() over a finite time interval. I have this simple function:
function q = MatrizW_V2(A,B,t)
sys = ss(A,B,[1 0;0 1],[0 0;0 0]);
opt = gramOptions('TimeInterval',[0 t]);
Wc = gram(sys,'c',opt);
q = Wc;
My inputs are the attached matrix A1, B1, ant t around 1e-9 to 1e-8.
I'm getting the error:
The "TimeIntervals" option of the "gram" command must be set to a two-column matrix where each row is
valid interval.
But I think it is set in the wrigth way, isn't?
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Jon am 3 Okt. 2023
Please provide an example script that calls this function that reproduces the error

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Jon am 3 Okt. 2023
It is most likely that the value for t that you are passing to this function is not a scalar. It must be a scalar for [0 t] to be a two column matrix.


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