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Is there a way to combine plots generated in simbiology model analyzer into a single figure to export?

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I am using the Local Sensitivity on simbiology to generate results, and I'd like to have a single figure with the subplots generate by the Calculate Sensitivities program (which generates one page with time courses and another with a heat map chart). Is it possible? Or do I have to export the data and run it programatically?

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Jeremy Huard
Jeremy Huard am 25 Sep. 2023
starting R2023b you can do it programmatically after exporting the figures with:
f1 = figure(1); % change figure numbers here
f2 = figure(2);
tl = tiledlayout(figure,1,2);
tl_plot1 = f1.Children;
tl_plot2 = f2.Children;
tl_plot1.Parent = tl;
tl_plot2.Parent = tl;
tl_plot2.Layout.Tile = 2;
This could also be done in earlier releases but it would require some more code because earlier releases were using the now discouraged subplot instead of the new tiledlayout.
Best regards,
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Rebeca Hannah Oliveira
Rebeca Hannah Oliveira am 25 Sep. 2023
Thanks! I also found out how to do it in v2023a. In case someone needs it, here it is:
% Step 1: export figure from Simbiology Model Analyzer and save it (.fig)
% Step 2: open figures
figure(1) = openfig('figureName.fig');
figure(2) = openfig('figure2Name.fig');
% Step 3:
ax1Chil = figure(1).Children;
ax2Chil = figure(2).Children;
% Step 4: open new figure to copy the other 2 to it
f2 = figure(3);
ax1 = copyobj(ax1Chil,f2);
ax2 = copyobj(ax2Chil,f2);

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KALYAN ACHARJYA am 25 Sep. 2023
I don't think you have to export differently
% First subplot for time courses
subplot(2, 1, 1);
% Plot time courses using data from Calculate Sensitivities
% Second subplot for heat map chart
subplot(2, 1, 2);
% Plot heat map chart using data from Calculate Sensitivities
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Rebeca Hannah Oliveira
Rebeca Hannah Oliveira am 25 Sep. 2023
Thanks. Actually, I'm using the model analyzer to generate the figures. My question is, once I export them from the model analyzer, is it possible to join the figures in the same window?

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