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"Insufficient number of outputs from right hand side of equal sign to satisfy assignment." in Simulink

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I got the error above in Simulink and that is the part of the model that causes it.
The interpolation factor of the DUC is 100. The slx-file is attached
Thanks :)
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Jan Van den Heuvel
Jan Van den Heuvel am 5 Aug. 2023
Thank you @Daniel @Jon!
I tried switching to "Interpreted execution" but still get the same error.
Only got this meaningless output when trying to figure out my compiler configuration:
Running the .slx on a Linux-System worked for me.
Daniel am 7 Aug. 2023
That output just means you have no compilers installed. 0x1 is an empty matrix, basically. (No rows, 1 column, technically. No elements regardless.) So it makes sense that generated code wouldn't work; that interpreted execution wouldn't work is a little stranger. What toolboxes do you have installed? (Paste the output of ver)
Alternatively, at this point a support ticket might be best, especially if interpreted execution isn't working either. It looks like what you're trying to do should work, given that it does work for Jon and me, so it might easily be a configuration issue rather than an issue with the model itself.

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Jon am 4 Aug. 2023
I found that if I changed the "Simulate using" parameter on the DUC from Code Generation to Interpreted execution, the model ran without errors. So, maybe there is a bug with the Code Generation, or somehow it is just fussier, and there is still an issue, it just doesn't surface with the Interpreted execution.


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