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Joe Nunes
Joe Nunes am 25 Feb. 2011
I am trying to build a main gui and various sub guis to configure some data. This data can be an array. I've seen methods to update handles between guis, but not data.
What would be the best way to achieve this ?
Thanks in advance
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 25 Feb. 2011
Please see the FAQ,
Eric am 10 Jan. 2012
My preference (mentioned in the FAQ Walter cites) is to use application data (i.e., getappdata and setappdata). In the comment section at the start of each GUI I keep a list and description of what appdata values are stored.
I would avoid using the UserData property as in the future you may want to store other variables as well. Then you may have to switch from storing an array to storing a structure.
I prefer not to use the handles structure so that this structure always just refers to uicontrol handles.
These are personal preferences and there are a variety of ways to solve the problem, though.

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Héctor Corte
Héctor Corte am 10 Jan. 2012
Another way is to use global variables. But remember to write
global variable_name
in every place you use that variable. For example:
%In this function we set the value of global variable b
function Y=fun1(x,a)
global b
%In this function we use the global variable b wich was defined
% on fun1.
function y=fun2(x)
global b
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Robert Cumming
Robert Cumming am 10 Jan. 2012
globals are generally the wrong way to go - especially if they are so basically named. It is possible for the variable to be changed without your knowledge so it can be hard to trace.

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Alex am 10 Jan. 2012
You can achieve this through using matlab Classes. the link above is to a File Exchange example using a class to control a gui.
It's pretty easy to expand the example class from controlling a single GUI to multiple GUI's, and the parent class will contain all of the desired data and easily pass it to the gui's.

David Dapuero
David Dapuero am 13 Mär. 2012
It´s maybe the closer way to the use of global variables.
Maybe it is a very basic solution and not the best...


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