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Masking images/matrixes

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Amit Ifrach
Amit Ifrach am 14 Jul. 2023
Kommentiert: Image Analyst am 18 Jul. 2023
I got an image of some stained cells:
And I have a grayscale mask such as this:
(different shades are covering different cells as you can see).
I want to systematically go through each gray shade in the mask and to extract (or leave) the area in the cells image.
I looked up for a quick command, but haven't found one.
I tried to use find command, but I get vectors as a result and can't use it to "talk" with the original image matrix.
This is the code I'm using:
img=imread("4.7.23 ut cd4_prfrn acd3+11002c3.tif");
mask=imread("4.7.23 ut cd4_prfrn acd3+11002c3_cp_masks.png");
[maskx, masky]=find(mask==i);
(I'm using a for loop to go through all indexes, but it will come later, I want to succeed masking right now)
What is the right way to handle this problem please?
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Jon am 14 Jul. 2023
Please attach your two files
Amit Ifrach
Amit Ifrach am 15 Jul. 2023
Hi jon,
I added them. The cell's picture was converted from TIF to png.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 14 Jul. 2023
It looks like your mask is actually a labeled image since each blob seems to have a unique value (label). So in that case to get the area of each labeled blob you'd simply do
props = regionprops(labeledImage, 'Area');
allAreas = [props.Area] % Will give a vector of 5 areas.
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Matt J
Matt J am 18 Jul. 2023
thldfnd= imgfltrd>(thldmltplr(k)*pxllstavg);
Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 18 Jul. 2023
Heck no. Shorter would be even more cryptic and hard to follow than it is now. No comments, cryptic variable names, etc. I don't know what you did but whatever, if it works for you, fine.

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