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uicontrol does not allow 'remove' as String during component creation

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Jonas am 15 Jun. 2023
Kommentiert: Jonas am 22 Jun. 2023
Dear community,
are there reserved keywords for the text-style uicontrol? I could not find a list for that but I noticed that I could not use 'remove' as String when creating the component.
I also noticed that setting it afterwards does work. Is this a bug or is it connected to how the uicontrol elements are created?
f1=figure('Position',[0 0 100 100]);
f2=figure('Position',[0 0 100 100]);
f3=figure('Position',[0 0 100 100]);

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Sandeep Mishra
Sandeep Mishra am 20 Jun. 2023
Hello Jonas,
I understand that you are trying to use the 'remove' value in uicontrol but not getting the desired result.
In MATLAB, The words 'default', 'factory', and 'remove' are reserved words that will not appear in text when quoted as normal characters.
You have to use these keywords with a forward backslash character '\' like '\remove', '\default'.
You can refer to the documentation below to learn more about reserved keywords.
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Jonas am 22 Jun. 2023
thanks for your response, but why is it possible if we assign the character array afterwards? there, I also use single quotes ?

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