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How to use Python from MATLAB on Mac with Apple Silicon

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How can I use Python from MATLAB on Mac with Apple Silicon?
Can I use my Python package with native Apple Silicon builds of MATLAB and Python?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team am 29 Mär. 2024
To run Python commands and use Python modules in MATLAB on Apple Silicon, the MATLAB and Python builds, maci64 or maca64, must match. Here maci64 refers to an Intel x86-64 build of the software, and maca64 refers to a native  Apple Silicon build of the software.
1) A maci64 version of MATLAB requires a universal build or maci64 build of the Python libraries.
  • Use of maci64 MATLAB (R2020b and later) on Apple Silicon is supported through the Rosetta 2 translation layer.
  • Be aware that applications must be built for Apple Silicon to take full advantage of the architecture.
  • The command "arch -x86_64 python3 -m pip" allows you to install the maci64 build of a Python package with a universal  build of Python. For example, to install a maci64 build of your Python package "myPythonPackage", use the following command.
arch -x64_64 python3 -m pip myPythonPackage
2) A maca64 (native) build of MATLAB requires a universal build or maca64 build of the Python libraries.
  • A maca64 build of MATLAB is available for release R2022b (Beta) and release R2023b and later.
  • To use the native build of maca64 MATLAB, you will need to download the “aarch64” version of Java 8 as recommended by this website.
  • Note that x64 versions of Oracle Java 8 do not work with native builds of maca64 MATLAB.

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