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??? Index exceeds matrix dimensions.

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Sushant Hiwale
Sushant Hiwale on 12 Apr 2015
Commented: Geoff Hayes on 12 Apr 2015
Error Line: xir{num_imgs}(1,:) = x_i_r(results(2,:),1)./tc;
I guess the error is in x_i_r(results(2,:),1)
xir is 1*10 cell
x_i_r is 2048*2 single matrix
results is 2*2048 uint32 matrix
through the help pages I referred I understand that the mismatch in matrix dimensions causes above error but I could't solve above error. Please suggest a probable solution for the same. THe exact dimensions that must be followed.
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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 12 Apr 2015
Sushant - have you verified that the error is with the line
For example, if you put a breakpoint at this line and run your code, then the debugger will pause at this line. If you then try to evaluate this line (by copying and pasting it into the Command Window) do you see the Index exceeds matrix dimension error? If so, then the problem is most likely with how results is populated since you are using the contents of this matrix to access data in x_i_r.

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