boxplot function not working

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in-p am 10 Apr. 2015
Kommentiert: Karolina am 16 Jul. 2015
I try really simple inputs with boxplot and its not working, it gives me the following error: ‘‘undefined function 'boxplot' for input arguments of type 'double'''. I'm using the 2013a version. Any ideas? Thanks, Inês

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Vinod Sudheesh
Vinod Sudheesh am 10 Apr. 2015
The "boxplot" function is a part of the "Statistics Toolbox". Do you have "Statistics Toolbox" installed?
You could check the same by entering the command
in MATLAB command prompt.
If the above command returns a value of "0", then it suggests that you do not have the "Statistics Toolbox".
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Karolina am 16 Jul. 2015
I also have this problem, but I have installed Statistics Toolbox. Do you know what can be wrong?

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Torsten am 10 Apr. 2015
What message do you get when you type
which boxplot
Best wishes
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in-p am 10 Apr. 2015
Indeed I don't have the toolbox installed. I'm using a student version and aparently I need to require for the toolbox first. Thanks!

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