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Can't Rotate a cylinder around it's own axis in Simulink using Simscape and Robotics System Tool Box

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Hello, I am making a Cylindrical robot and using Simscape to create the model then using Robotics System toolbox I get the simulation. In the first stage I only created a cuboidal base and mounted a cylinder on top of it. I would like the cylinder to rotate around it's own axis (i.e z axis). Firstly I used a Revolute joint with Actuation Torque - Provided by input, Motion- Automatically Computed, Sensing- Position and and in Simulink-PS converter I gave input handling as Filter Input Derivatives Calculated, Second Order Filtering while as an input I gave sine wave with Amplitude 1 and Frequency 0.1 (rad/sec) While I tried changing rigid transform roation axis to all different variation, tried changing Simulink-PS converted parameters and Actuation parameters and I am getting no errors when I run it but I am getting no motion too.
Then I used Universal Joint with same above mentioned parameters while in the joint actuation I only used x axis where I get the output but it is the roation about x axis and tried various combinations mentioned above but I am not getting the rotation I want about z axis. I have shared the required images below. Kinldy help. Thank you a ton in advance!
Here is the Final Model where I used Robotics System toolbox
Here is the Inside model of the block input0 ----- output using Universal Joint
Here is the same model for Revolute Joint
Here is the output:

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Divyanshu am 4 Mär. 2024
Hi Tanmay,
I think you missed out adding 'External Force and Torque' Block. This block will apply the desired torque about the z-axix of cylinder to rotate the cylinder.
For your model in which you have used Revolute joint, connect this 'External Force and Torque' block to follower frame of the joint which in-turn is connected to cylindrical solid.
Please refer the following documentation for further details about 'External Force and Torque Block':

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