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Standalone program errors don't display on a mac

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Dan on 7 Apr 2015
I compiled a program as a standalone program using the Matlab Compiler version 4.18.1 (2013a) for a mac. Although it runs, I intentionally coded in some errors and these errors seem to cause beeps from my mac but no text messages appear anywhere.
I tried running the program from the command line (using "open") but no messages appear there.
I tried using the mac's console utility and while some cryptic messages did appear ("Disabled automatic stack shots because audio IO is active"), these where not the messages that would appear in Matlab (if I were running the program in the Matlab environment).
What I really need is the more helpful Matlab errors (like "file not found", "Undefined function or variable") so I can do some debugging.
I'm almost certain I used to see these when I ran compiled programs under windows..... Are things different with a Mac?
Any ideas?

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