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How to use the steepest descent method to solve a function.

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mandoo511 am 6 Apr. 2015
I have an example but I still am not sure how to solve this problem. Please show me step by step on how to attack this. Thank you.

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Vinod Sudheesh
Vinod Sudheesh am 26 Jun. 2015
Bearbeitet: Vinod Sudheesh am 26 Jun. 2015
The below code snippet solves this problem using the "Gradient Descend Algorithm"
x=[3 1]';
gf=@(x)([(50*x(1)-2) ; (40*x(1)-1)]);
while(norm( gf(x))>0.05)
x= x-0.01*(1/n) *gf(x);
Note that to solve this problem using the "Steepest Descend Algorithm", you will have to write additional logic for choosing the step size in every iteration.
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Sarvjeet Singh
Sarvjeet Singh am 28 Sep. 2020
f=@ (x,y) a*(exp(bx))+c*x
how to solve
determine the general parameters for the non-linear fit using steepest descent method if the fit is given by for the data:

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seyed mohammad javad nikouei
why solve in matlab by steepest descent?


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