creating a java package

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abdullah nagy
abdullah nagy on 5 Apr 2015
Hello , am working on a security algorithm "kasumi" which is used in 3G. I've done coding using matlab but i need to implement my code on an android am asking if i can generate a propriate jar file from the .m files used

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Subin Kuttappan Stellal Mary
One way to achieve this is by following the below steps :
1. Convert the MATLAB code that you have written into C code. This can be achieved by using MATLAB Coder toolbox.
Note: The in-built MATLAB functions used in your code must be supported for C/C++ code generation. For the list of MATLAB functions that are supported for code generation, refer this link .
2. Build this C code to a .so library.
3. Create a new Android project in Android Studio . From the base JAVA code of the sample application, call the C functions present in the .so file through JNI(Java Native Interface).
For more details on JNI, refer this and this .


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