Counting cells in image

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Sara Hafeez
Sara Hafeez on 5 Apr 2015
Edited: LUI PAUL on 5 Apr 2015
BY so far i have a image and i have been able to apply filter on it and sees the cells clearly but what iam stuck is that what should i do after that when i convert to binary and apply the simple algo for counting the white regions doesnt work, since the gray part is there and have strel isnt even working with the disk option clearly i have tried every artifact removal algorithm but nothing is working here, help will be appreciated since i have to count to number of cell in the picture. I have attached the file 1.jpg if original and till 4.jpg i can view them clearly with artifacts and gray ghosts........
K = imadjust(k,[0.48 0.7],[0 1]);
K = filter2(fspecial('average',3),K)/255;
figure, imshow(K)
K = wiener2(K,[5 5]);
figure, imshow(K)
K = medfilt2(K);
figure, imshow(K)
% background = imopen(K,strel('disk',8)); % K=K-background; % figure % imshow(k) %end % <<

Answers (1)

LUI PAUL on 5 Apr 2015
Edited: LUI PAUL on 5 Apr 2015
you can follow this link... image cells

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