How can I copy lines of code from pdf to Matlab

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I found out on internet some kind of code for program in Matlab. It is quit interesting code, but I have problem. Code is in pdf with numbers in front of code so I can not just copy in Matlab. Code have 1200 lines so it would take my time to select each and every line separably.
So is there a way to import code like in pdf to Matlab?
Thank you!
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per isakson
per isakson on 4 Apr 2015
Edited: per isakson on 4 Apr 2015
  • "with numbers in front of code" &nbsp is that line numbers?
  • "way to import code like in pdf" &nbsp depends on the settings of that particular pdf-file. Whether copy is allowed.
  • " select each and every line separably" &nbsp if it's possible to copy&paste single lines I assume it's possible to copy&paste multiple lines and edit the line numbers.
  • google "pdf to txt converter"

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LUI PAUL on 5 Apr 2015
if u have foxit reader software to open the pdf,follow the figure i have uploaded and select all(Ctrl+A) and copy it....


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