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how do I change type of receiver antenna (ie. dipole, monopole, patch...) in LTE tool box in end-to-end simulation example?

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In LTE tool box in end-to-end simulation, this example (PDSCH Throughput Conformance Test for Single Antenna (TM1), Transmit Diversity (TM2), Open Loop (TM3) and Closed Loop (TM4/6)), how to know type of receiver antenna used and how can I change it to monopole, dipole...
Thank you,

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Gokul Nath S J
Gokul Nath S J am 24 Mai 2023
Hi Omran,
As per my understanding, it seems that you would like to change the antenna configuration to monopolo, dipole, patch etc. However please note that this is a system level simulation and the importance is given to the number of transmit and receive antennas rather than the configuration. Irrespective of the type of antenna used, the UE and gNB is expected to transmit at a particular rate given by the specifications mentioned in the example. Further, in MIMO scenario, you can change the Multi-antenna correlation property to adjust the correlation between the antennas.
Further note that the example is more aligned in a wireless communication perspective rather than an RF aspect where the type of the antenna and it's configuration are coming into picture.
with regards,
Gokul Nath S J


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