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How to check if each row of a large matrix exists in a large cell array and then save the matching cell in a separate variable?

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I have attached two datasets: 1) All_cluster.mat: this consists a cell array in which each cell consists of certain data as m-by-n matrix. and 2) sorteddata.mat: this consists of a large matrix; each row in this matrix (i.e. columns 2, 3 and 4) is a member of one of the cells in that given cell array i.e. All_cluster.mat. I want to sort out the cells in All_cluster.mat by comparing each row of the matrix i.e. sorteddata.mat (if there is match). I have used a loop but it is taking so much of time:
matchingCells ={};
for i = 1:size(sorteddata(:, 2:end), 1)
% Loop through each cell in the cell array
for j = 1:length(All_cluster)
% Check if the current row of sorteddata matches with any row in the current cell
if all(ismember(All_cluster{j}(:,[1,2,5]), sorteddata(i, 2:end)))
% If a match is found, store the cell in the matchingCells cell array
matchingCells{end+1} = All_cluster{j};
Can anyone suggest a code that would take less time?

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