How to include '-nojvm' into compiler command line in Matlab?

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Cem am 31 Mär. 2015
Kommentiert: Cem am 1 Apr. 2015
One way to speed up initial loading of MCR to the memory by 20-30% for a C++ compiled library is to avoid loading java component by using '-nojvc' switch in the command line of mcc :
mcc -m -R -nojvm test.m
I could not find a way to include this switch in the DeployTool (anybody knows how to insert switches in this tool?). DeployTool shows the compilation command string in its GUI as:
mcc -W cpplib:DLLfile -T link:lib -d C:\DLLFile\src -N -p images -w enable:specified_file_mismatch -w enable:repeated_file -w enable:switch_ignored -w enable:missing_lib_sentinel -w enable:demo_license -v C:\DLLFile\DLLFile.m
So I thought I can use this command string and include '-nojvm' to compile it in Matlab command view instead. But wherever I place this switch in this command line I get "Unrecognized option: -n" message. Is there a location where I can safely use it so that I can compile it without the Java library? Thank you.

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Vinod Sudheesh
Vinod Sudheesh am 1 Apr. 2015
While using "deploytool", you can pass additional parameters to "mcc" command by first going to "Settings" (in "deploytool" window) and then setting the same in the "Additional Parameters passed to MCC:" box.
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Cem am 1 Apr. 2015
Hello Vinod,
Thank you. But in version R2011b there is no such section in DeployTool to insert a switch to the command. This is why I am trying to do in command environment.

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