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how to find nearest distant points for two unequal sized pair of data

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I have two set of points set1>>{A1(6840*1),B1(6840*1)} and set2>>{A2(10227*1),B2(10227*1)}. I want to find the nearest distant points(<=0.05) taking one set fixed. I have tried like this
for i=1:length(A2); difference1=A1-A2(i); difference2=B1-B2(i); P=sqrt((difference1.^2)+(difference2.^2))<=0.05; end A3=A2(P); B3=B2(P); so the nearest points w.r.t set (A1,B1) is (A3,B3) but this result is not matching with manual result.please help

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Ortinomax am 31 Mär. 2015
When you do
A3=A2(P); B3=B2(P);
P is a "boolean", it is either at 0 or 1 depending of the inequality. I tried this, and it seems to work. For each poitn of [A1;B1], it gives the nearest [A2;B2] points (and C3 indicates i we respect the proximity limit).
for k=1:length(A1);
[minD ind]=min(abs(C))
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LUI PAUL am 1 Apr. 2015
thanks Ortino...its working... i have changed the size..will it be ok? A3=(A3)'; B3=(B3)';

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