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How to modify MATLAB's Import Toolbar such that I can see all of range

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Within the Import Data Toolbar, under SECTION there is range. For some reason my ranage field box is rather small (refer to the ".....RangeSettingCutOff" Image) and I'd like to be able to make it larger like the one displayed on MATLABs site (refer to "Desired...." Image attached below ). How would I fix this?

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Gokul Nath S J
Gokul Nath S J am 24 Mai 2023
Hi Ava,
It seems that you are facing some issue while importing the data from a file. As seen in the attached image, the range for the data is rather small compared to the actual size of the data.
As a workaround, kindly modify the range manually to the end of the table. Let say the number of rows the table contains be N and the columns to be D. The range would be [Starting Cell : ND]. By enabling this you would be able to capture the entire data.
with regards,
Gokul Nath S J


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