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How to extract multiple data points of respiratory waves for lets say 10 animals and then draw out an average waveform?

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I would like to draw out an average respiratory waveform for 10min duration so that I can show the overall effect of what the 3 other drugs are doing to the respiratory wave after administration. So for example I have 10 animals, I take out 10 mins of resting resporatory wave data for all 10 animals and average it out and then plot the same type of graph. I have recorded the respiratory waves in spike2 so I have those files in spike2 format which can be imported to MATLAB as well.

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Gokul Nath S J
Gokul Nath S J am 19 Apr. 2023
Hi Aleena,
As per your question, it seems that you would like to compute the average waveform for the 10 minute duration. Import the data in MATLAB separately or as a matrix and compute the mean value of it. If you are importing the data separately (say 10 different files for 10 different animals), try to combine diferent data together to form a matrix. If the data obtained is from n animals, it might be in a matrix whose dimension in column direction would be n. In such case compute the mean value over the column direction. Else, you can specify the dimension of which you would like to compute the average.
For more information regarding the function, kindly refer the following link.
with regards
Gokul Nath S J

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