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when i want to modify the input number of certain component through script,error happens

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if i replace num with real num, like 17, it works, any one who knows why?

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drummer am 24 Mär. 2023
Please take a look here.
I'm not familiar with this function, but as you declared num before, try to call it without ' '.
set_param('text/BC1', 'Inputs', num);
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wenchao zhang
wenchao zhang am 25 Mär. 2023
thanks for your suggestion, i try it but still not working, but when i update the command as following, it works well. (i do it with matlab 2020b)
set_param('text/BC1', 'Inputs', num2str(num));
NOTE:set_param('text/BC1', 'Inputs', num) can works in matlbR2018b

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