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Splitting a database up

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Anna Mielcarek
Anna Mielcarek am 23 Mär. 2023
I have a massive dataset of around 72,000 lines, and 30 rows.
In row 1 I have the date (in a DDMM format).
For each date I have a series of rows with data in, so the date repeats itself a fair amount.
I only want one row per date.
Currently, I have used:
[~,udix}= unique(data(:,1),'stable');
to read the first of the date lines, however is there a way to randomly select one of the repeating dates?

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Antoni Garcia-Herreros
Antoni Garcia-Herreros am 23 Mär. 2023
Hello Anna,
You can generate a random number using the rand function
n = floor(udix(1) + (udix(2)-1-udix(1)) .* rand(1,1));
% This generates a random number between the index of the first date and the index of the secon date
Hope this helps

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