The extension pack I want to install is a third-party software installation failure prompting that the extension pack is required. What should I do at this time?

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I want to download and install 'Communications System Toolbox Support Package for Analog Devices ADALM-Pluto Radio ',but when it intalls a third-party software, it prompts that the installation failed. What I need to install first is what I want to download now

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Jestzer am 10 Mär. 2023
Ah yes, the dreaded third-party packages that always fail to download or install properly, as every firewall and antivirus program goes bananas as soon as it sees MATLAB trying to access GitHub.
There are few things you can try:
  1. Lower any firewalls, antivirus software, VPNs, proxy servers, or anything else that may be blocking your connection/installation.
  2. Use the Support Software Downloader on a different computer or on a different network to download everything properly.
  3. Install the Support Packages you need on another computer and then copy the SupportPackage folder over to the computer where you're failing to install it.
  4. Look at the installation log file to see what files are being blocked and then download them yourself. I don't know know what release of MATLAB or Operating System your computer is using, so I can't tell you exactly where that will be.

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