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I am unable to download MATLAB and SIMULINK with MathWorks Product Installer R2022b

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I am using Debian as my main OS, the latest version, everything is up to date. I have disabled my firewall and it's still not working.
I have tried to give the file root permission but it is still not working. The error message i am getting is "There was an error downloading product files. Check your internet connection and rerun the installer.". I have a good internet connection, i have no problem downloading any other large file, which i tried and work and I have no background apps running. I am clueless about this situation and i need these programs in order to do my research and homework for my university classes. Is there any solution? (besides installing Windows)

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Shuba Nandini
Shuba Nandini am 28 Feb. 2023
Hi Timofte,
I understand that you are having trouble downloading with MATLAB and SIMULINK from MathWorks Product Installer R2022b. There are few things you can try for downloading:
  1. Check your antivirus software. Sometimes antivirus software can block MathWorks Product installer from downloading the software. You may need to add an exclusion for the installer in your antivirus software settings.
  2. Check the download server. Make sure that the server you are downloading from is not experiencing any issues. Try switching to a different download server if not possible.
  3. Try using a different version if you are still unable to download MATLAB and SIMULINK with MathWorks Product Installer R2022b. You can try downloading a different version of the software, such as R2022a.
  4. Check the download location, whether it has enough free space to download the files. You can also try changing the download location to a different directory with more free space.
For further assistance, please refer to this links:
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Timofte am 28 Feb. 2023
Thank you, i actually solved my problem using an ethernet connection, i do not why but on wifi even though i had a download speed of 400 megabits per second, it may be a linux problem i do not know. Thank you for help though, i'm sure someone would need those advises.

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Jestzer am 28 Feb. 2023
Use MATLAB Package Manager and see if that yields any different results.


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