Generation of basic signals

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Thranthar am 21 Feb. 2023
I just need the code for generating the basic codes like unit step signal, unit impulse signal. unit ramp signal and the sine wave signal.

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Sulaymon Eshkabilov
Sulaymon Eshkabilov am 21 Feb. 2023
In MATLAB and Simulink, there are few built in functions to generate, such signals as unit step, impulse, unit ramp, sine wave or just using logical and matrix oprations - e.g.:
t = (-.1:.005:2*pi)';
S_step = heaviside(t); % Step using heaviside()
plot(t, S_step, 'r-', 'LineWidth', 2.5, 'DisplayName', 'Unit Step')
legend show
title ('Generated signals')
S_impulse = 10*(t==0); % 10 magnitude Impulse
S_unitstep = t>=0; % Alt. unit step
S_ramp = t.*S_unitstep; % Unit Ramp
S_sine = sin(t); % Sine wave
plot(t, S_impulse, 'k-', 'LineWidth', 2, 'DisplayName', '10 Mag Impulse'),
legend show
plot(t, S_unitstep, 'g--', 'DisplayName', 'Unit Step'), legend show
plot(t, S_ramp, 'm--', 'DisplayName', 'Ramp')
legend show
plot(t, S_sine, 'b--','LineWidth', 1.5, 'displayname', 'Sine')
legend show
grid on
xlim([min(t) max(t)])
ylim([-1.1 1.1])

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