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No longer seem to be able to access Simulink Fundamentals course?

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Alex am 16 Feb. 2023
Kommentiert: Alex am 20 Feb. 2023
Hi there, I've recently been learning Simulink via the provided courses, but after a PC restart today I tried to log back into the Fundamentals course, and it simply says "You may have access to this course via an online training subscription. To check for access click here". When I click to check for access, the course webpage loads up but I still can't access the course material and all the "Launch" buttons are greyed out. Does anyone have any solutions for this, as I need to get on with learning asap.
I have also noticed that my progress has been reset by quite a way, from around 60% back down to 19%, which is super annoying as I'e been working pretty hard at this!
Thanks in advance!

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Krishna am 20 Feb. 2023
You can try the following:
1) Please try to reconnect to the internet/intranet and disable the firewall to see if that solves the problem.
2) Try to use these commands to access the course content:
learning.simulink.launchOnramp('slbe'); // Simulink Fundamentals
learning.simulink.launchOnramp('simulink'); // Simulink Onramp
I hope this helps.

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