How do I find which blocks are used in this scheme?

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Mone am 10 Feb. 2023
Kommentiert: Mone am 11 Feb. 2023
I am new to Matlab's SIMULINK, and my next assignment includes modelling and simulating a PV Module.
I'm having a problem finding which blocks are depicted in the scheme though, and I've tried looking over the entire library to find them by their pictures with no avail.
I can so far tell the square blocks are simple mathematical operators, but what about the one with an arrow enclosed in a circle (Ipv) and the pentagonal ones ([Im], [V])?
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Tushar Behera
Tushar Behera am 10 Feb. 2023
Bearbeitet: Tushar Behera am 10 Feb. 2023
Hi Mone,
I asssume you want to know the blocks used in the simulink model.
As per my knowledge the "pentagonal ones ([Im], [V])" are "From" blocks and "Goto" blocks which you can find by their respective names. Here is a documentation link to know more about them:
"the one with an arrow enclosed in a circle (Ipv)" is the "Controlled Current Source " block. To know more about it you can refer to the following link
The square blocks written "v" and "i' inside them are voltage measurement block and current measurement blocks respectively.
In order to find these blocks inside simulink library use the library address given in the documentation. For exapmple:
I hope this answers your question.
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Mone am 10 Feb. 2023
This has been of great help. Thank you.
Good luck to your future endeavours,
Mone am 11 Feb. 2023
Sorry for bothering you with newbie questions, but I have another block that I'm finding a hard time identifying.
Is this the standard Math Function power block, just labeled differently?
Thank you in advance.

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Venkat Siddarth
Venkat Siddarth am 10 Feb. 2023
I understand that you are not able to find which block depicts which component.To find more about the component
one workaround is to double-click the block so that you will get either a description page or parameter page which will have a detailed description about the component.For example if I double-click on inport component,the following is its component page.
I hope this resolves your query.
Venkat Siddarth V


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