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Repeat writing to Excel workbook on OneDrive causes "You may not have write permissions or the file may be open by another application" error.

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I have a directory with text files that I am importing into MATLAB, doing analysis with in MATLAB, and then want to export the analysis into a multi-sheet excel workbook at the end. The bit of code I am using to write the data structure from MATLAB to an Excel book in OneDrive is below.
for k=1:numFiles
fprintf('Writing %s...\n',fileName)
When I run this code in the OneDrive directory, I get the error:
"Unable to write to file 'C:\Users\Me\OneDrive\ProjectFolder\Topic\combined.xlsx' You may not have write permissions or the file may be open by another application"
I do not have the file open and neither does anyone else. If I delete the book, the first file and sheet writes sucessfully, but fails on the second with the same error.
When i duplicate the directory on my local Windows desktop, no such error occurs. I can pause OneDrive syncing, which also "solves" the issue. While this is a temproary workaround, this is not an acceptable solution in the long run.
Hoping others have some ideas as to what can be done to fix this, if possible.

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Jeremy Hughes
Jeremy Hughes am 8 Feb. 2023
Bearbeitet: Jeremy Hughes am 8 Feb. 2023
One Drive is syncing files to the cloud when they are updated--it locks those files when that happens so you can't write to it for a short time. It's not a great idea to write to a file in a loop in One Drive. This is why disabling syncing resolves the issue.
I suggest writing to a temporary location, then moving that file when you're done processing.
txtFil = dir('*.txt');
numFiles = numel(txtFil);
tempFileName = fullfile(tempdir,'combined.xlsx');
for k=1:numFiles
fileName = convertCharsToStrings(txtFil(k).name);
fprintf('Writing %s...\n',fileName)
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Nicholas am 8 Feb. 2023
Thank you, that feels a little better to implement than either of the workarounds I found.
Also noted about writing to files in loops in OneDrive and syncing issues.

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