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for in for loop

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Marko Niko
Marko Niko am 7 Feb. 2023
Beantwortet: Tushar Behera am 7 Feb. 2023
I have the following code:
for i=1:time time = [1:1:999]
for j=1:time
CE(i,k) = Ep(i) * Dp(j);
ETRF_p(i,k) = Mass_C2* Ep(i) * Dp(j);
  1. What does the (i,k) mean? does the loop go through all values of i and k?
  2. How will the output look it?

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Tushar Behera
Tushar Behera am 7 Feb. 2023
Hi Marko,
I believe you want to understand the code in your question and how the loop will work.
The code you have written will only loop through once. I believe that is not your desired behaviour.
The (i,k) in CE(i,k) and ETRF_p(i,k) represents a matrix index. The loop is supposed to construct a matrix by assigning values to each element of the matrix CE and ETRF_p. With your current code the output will be a single valued scalar.
It will be of great help if you provide little more context as of what you want to acheive with your code.

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