How to use the data from a .mat file to make a graphic?

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I need to use the data from a .mat file to make a graphic. Matlab has to use the first columns as the distance (x) and the second one as the time (t). I know how to make a graphic with a .txt file but it doesn't work with the .mat file. This is what I wrote: load 'data.mat'
x=data.mat(:,1) (I want to tell Matlab that the first columns is the variable x)
t=data.mat(:,2) (I want to tell Matlab that the second columns is the variable t)
This is what appear on the command window:
Unable to resolve the name 'data.mat'.
Error in question4 (line 2)
I wrote the same thing with a .txt file and it worked.

Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 31 Jan 2023
Use the load function to ‘read’ the .mat file. (I always load into a variable as a structure of the .mat file contents so that I understand what is in the file and can choose what to import into my workspace.) See the documentation for details.

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