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Unable to set the scatter3 marker color using clim

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Milos am 22 Jan. 2023
Kommentiert: Star Strider am 23 Jan. 2023
I'm trying to set the scatter3 plot markers' colors based on the maximum range of z variables, using clim. No matter what I do, all markers always plot in the default color.
Tz = readtable("data.xlsx","Sheet","z");
[m,n] = size(Tz);
[Tzmin, Tzminidx] = min(Tz{:,2:n}); % the first column needs to be discarded for some reason
[Tzmax, Tzmaxidx] = max(Tz{:,2:n});
r = 75; % this will later change in a loop, thus I want the color range to be fixed
x = readtable("data.xlsx","Sheet","x");
x = table2array(x(r,2:n));
y = readtable("data.xlsx","Sheet","y");
y = table2array(y(r,2:n));
z = readtable("data.xlsx","Sheet","z");
z = table2array(z(r,2:n));
% all three sheets are of the same size m x n
scatter3(x, y, z, 'filled', 'MarkerEdgeColor', 'none');
set(gca,'clim',[Tzmin(1) Tzmax(n-1)]); % I want to fix this range based on the min and max values of z
The result is always:
Note, I'm always getting the default coloring, even without using clim. That is, even if I specify any colorbar, etc. I always get the default marker color.
What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

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Star Strider
Star Strider am 22 Jan. 2023
Bearbeitet: Star Strider am 22 Jan. 2023
Perhaps something like this —
scatter3(x, y, z, 50, z, 'filled', 'MarkerEdgeColor', 'none');
The fourth argument to scatter3 is the marker size, and the fifth is the marker colour variable.
x = randn(1,150);
y = randn(1,150);
z = randn(1,150);
scatter3(x, y, z, 50, z, 'filled', 'MarkerEdgeColor', 'none')
EDIT — Forgot colorbar. Fixed now.
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Milos am 22 Jan. 2023
Thank you for your answer and that pointer about which argument controls the color.
Your remarks together with the set command I used produced exactly what I was looking for.
Star Strider
Star Strider am 23 Jan. 2023
As always, my pleasure!

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