latex in text doesn't work

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DAVIDE MODESTO on 22 Jan 2023
Answered: Matt J on 22 Jan 2023
I've tried the following:
text(1, 1.5,sprintf('$\tilde{y_x}$= %.3f',5), ...
'Interpreter', 'LaTeX','fontsize', 30);
and the result is:
If I remove the tilde:
text(1, 1.5,sprintf('$y_x$= %.3f',5), ...
'Interpreter', 'LaTeX','fontsize', 30);
the result is:
I really appreciate any kind of help.

Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 22 Jan 2023
Use two backslants (\\) in any sprintf call to ‘escape’ it —
text(1, 1.5,sprintf('$\\tilde{y_x}$= %.3f',5), ...
'Interpreter', 'LaTeX','fontsize', 30);
axis([0 2 0 2])

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Matt J
Matt J on 22 Jan 2023
s=sprintf('$\\tilde{y}_x$ = %.3f',5)
s = '$\tilde{y}_x$ = 5.000'
text(0.5, 0.5,s, ...
'Interpreter', 'LaTeX','fontsize', 30);


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