Why simulink double click or block properties respond slow

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I've Matlab R2021b version that is installed on a higher end laptop now and the respond in Simulink to add new block or to open properties of a block is slow. The lower end laptops that I used Simulink on before responded as soon as I double click it.
Frédéric Sauvage
Frédéric Sauvage on 31 Jan 2023
We are experiencing the same issue. Both me and my colleague replaced our laptops with new, higher end laptops and since then Simulink (R2021b) is slow when opening the properties dialog of a block. Simulink worked fine before on our previous laptops.
There are no other ressource intensive programs running in parallel or in the background and we tried a reboot of our laptops.

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Sulaymon Eshkabilov
Sulaymon Eshkabilov on 15 Jan 2023
There might be a few different reasons for that.
(1) Something is running on the back.If your model is computationally heavy and you try to open block properties at the same time, it would be slow.
(2) Or your MATLAB model is running while you are trying to see bl;ock properties that might also slow down the responsiveness of Simulink
(3) Or some other app or apps are running and you are trying to open block properties in Simulink.
One try out option might be to close and restart your MATLAB/Simulink.
Another way is re-start your laptop :) as usual.
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Sherif on 15 Jan 2023
Actually I have the exact same model with same conditions and I already have restarted matlab and laptop. But on the higher end laptop it responds much slower.

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