How to use function "totalreturnprice"?

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AtK42 on 13 Jan 2023
When trying the example for the function totalreturnprice, as given in the documentation (given below), I don't seem to understand how it works. No matter how I adjust the act or div arrays, always the same result is displayed which in my view renders the entire function useless. Thus my question, how does this function work?
Or alternatively, I am looking for a function for which I can give in three inputs: a date column, prices from a price index and dividends and or stock splits (corresponding to a certain date, obviously) and then gives me back the total return prices.
act = [732313, 2; 732314 ,2];
div = [732313, 0.0800; 732314, 0.0800];
prc = [732313, 12; 732314, 13];
divTableNum = array2table(div);
Return = totalreturnprice(prcTableDateTime,acttableString,divTableNum)

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Sulaymon Eshkabilov
Sulaymon Eshkabilov on 13 Jan 2023
To understand and see how this function works, it is better to look inside of this function. That can be achieved with the following command from the command widnow or M or MLX-file editor of MATLAB package:
edit totalreturnprice




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